kings rule

a kingdom has always a king forcing something on his people with not much regard for their good and its understood to rally against him would surely condemn you right where you stood this king who protects his things with thousand food walls that he calls salvation has planned from the start to control your heart using your fears your blood your love to tear you apartdon’t you feel like a fool you die how you live beneath the kings rule you’re scared you run for your life he sharpens his knife the sawyer who’s hired to harvest your life there’s nowhere to go the end of the show comes with blinding precision and you’re screaming no



soon well expose you well reveal the road below you a path that’s real soon they’ll control you they’ll decide what you’ll kneel to how you’ll die the curtains ropes burn they’ll soon be drawn we’ve traded kings for pawns if you want to know which way to turn remove the veil and learn soon they’ll provoke us they’ll provide a route less hopeless a change in tide soon with chances taken and futures paved we’ve mistaken the price we paid


swallow the elephant

raped and beaten you beg me to stop but you’ll never learn so I’ll never stop with your face on the floor and mistaken for love mascara runs dry and you’re begging for more but the pills always get stuck in your throat and it hurts so badly watching you choke you live your life like it was a joke and you gave it away for a handful of pills the needle is dull and you can’t get your dope to flow through your veins the way you had hoped and the pills they always get stuck in your throat and it always crushes me down watching you



open season today for no reason we play their game never question what’s just all they tell us we trust for shame loves left far behind to ensure your place tell yourself you’re safe you’re not when the fiction fades the addictions stay stoned glass houses break we don’t process that way human natures disgrace all our lives are the cost ancient knowledge is lost we’re human


like a ghost

I see you floating up there like a rain cloud you’re drifting along between me and the sun with that arrogant purse on your lips oh you’re so proud aren’t you hold on to your hat you’re about to get stung its time I let go you’re still holding on to the past I can feel you it’s all that you have it’s all that you know just give me your hand and your trust I will lead you straight into the fire and then ill let go this time I let go you lead me astray and I know I won’t hold your hand I’ll let go you lead me astray remember a time when I jumped when you said so now I hear it scream in my head like a ghost like a ghost you lead me astray and I know I won’t hold your hand I’ll let go I asked for your help you said no now I won’t hold your hand like a ghost


secret candle

I locked a secret away the combination was lost I still remember the day I paid denial its cost you’re not really here I know yet still with the lights turned low you shine the candles light seems so dim I strain to maintain its glow if I let that light grow to thin into the darkness I go


sweet agony

for one for all we take the fall when pushed by some or push by one with mal intent oh the extent to which they’ll go to see you fail then with flip of pointed tail turn and laugh with no regale to agony sweet agony why do we let them harvest sweat in poison jars as if we are to dense to see the guarantee that we die young the young and wicked human race allow so few to shed the face off agony sweet agony


get down

get down the bullets are flying by they’re hitting words and ideas that our fathers died for hide your face from the sun today when pretension is your cause you’ll lose your head if you don’t get down get back and look what you’ve stepped into another time another place another place another chance to clear your face take aim feel yourself exhale there’s no such thing as fail get up back on your feet once more you’ve got thirty seconds left till you’re forced to the floor don’t be forced to the floor get down


straight jacket

it won’t keep me warm but I’m burning it fits me well but it’s too tight and when I wear it it suits me fine I don’t own it but this straight jacket that I wear cold fact is it’s mine to bare it’s mine it has no holes but I see straight through it it’s binding flows and sets me free I’m drawn in toward it and locked inside I thank you for it


sleep like children

hold your hand out contribute nothing leave the lights on but still see nothing pretend you’re someone pretend you’ve something forget you’re no one forget you’ve nothing drink the poison and still you can’t see so you sleep like children and eat like zombies we eat like zombies suv driven supersized it pump your profile and preach you’re someone pretend you’ve something forget no one forget you’ve nothing you sleep like children we turn our backs to all we value with no regard for falsified war sleep and eat and sleep we eat like zombies we kill like zombies