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July 17, 2012 in Media


Review of The 100th Monkey: by Steven Akerfeldt from Music Waves-Rock & Metal Webzine ( on 05.30.2012    

Lower the Veil is an American rock group formed by it’s three members at the beginning of the 2000s and originally called the Friends of Bill Wilson. After having released “Surface Tension”, a first album that went rather unnoticed by critics, they changed their name to mark a new beginning and returned to the fray this year with “The 100th Monkey” a title inspired by the infamous theory of the 100th monkey…

First of all, don’t be fooled by the cover … It may not be appealing but the music is. Lower the Veil is, as could be imagined from the artwork for the album, earthy. Their music comes from the bowels of the earth and indeed you can easily imagine its members giving a concert in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. They produce pure Heavy Rock greatly influenced by the California Stoner style of Kyuss or Karma To Burn (not as heavy in terms of sound, however). This is a genre that really does not evolve, but they compensate for this lack of originality by a “feeling”, a very respectable production and a very good revival of the tricks of the trade [or possibly a very good revival of the roots of the genre].

With a very distinctive sound (due to the inevitable Les Paul and Thunderbird in this style), they deliver songs built around a series of chords or riffs giving a general jam aspect to the pieces, accompanied by an almost always intensified sound and therefore, quite powerful and intense (‘Stand’). The last track ‘The 100th Monkey’ is slightly superior the others as it has a more subtle approach with guitar parts that are more lyrical, a more pronounced melodic side and a bigger role given to Rob Lampe’s bass (who, when needed, makes his intensified voices) Numerous powerful solos are more regularly offered by the group’s guitarist and singer, Damien Baldwin.

“The 100th Monkey” is certainly not a groundbreaking album but it is ultimately very pleasant. A recommended album for fans of Stoner and Heavy Rock.


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